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Who We Are

Pink Heals is a program that partners with public safety departments, local businesses, and families to bring our communities together. Our work involves making home visits to show individuals that they are loved, cherished and important to others and serves to revive the human element of celebrating people, not causes. Pink Heals is an action, and when leaders put this action into motion, the community begins to heal.

The Foothills Chapter

Pink Heals NC Foothills Inc. is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization that joined the national tour in 2011 under the direction of firefighter Darlene Huffman. The Foothills Chapter currently serves the counties of Burke, Alexander, Caldwell, Iredell, Lincoln and Catawba in North Carolina. Simply phrased, we are a group of firefighters, police officers, EMS workers, and civil servants who proudly wear the color pink to raise awareness and funds for families and non-profit entities that assist women and their families during their times of need.

Our Missions

  • Bring communities together through love on behalf of people and the personal struggles that people endure, not a specific cause. 

  • Give elected leaders and local businesses the ability to align with an initiative that benefits the whole community and ensures that raised funds are reinvested in the community before anything else. 

  • Acknowledge the human element of adversity on a personal level, structuring home visits around moral support, hope, love, and validation. 

The National Tour 

The purpose of the national tour is to create immediate care for those most in need without using tax payer dollars and to ensure that all volunteerism stays local first. Pink Heals provides a global pathway for giving that drives funding solutions to individuals and communities in need, and chapters from around the nation gather to promote this very idea each year on the national tour. Those on the tour drive pink fire trucks and police cars across America to deliver the message that Pink Heals. This event is entirely funded by merchandise sales, selfless volunteering, gifts, and donations. For more information, visit

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