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2020 Patriots, God, & Country Tour

Join the National Tour this year for a patriotic journey led by seven fire trucks and support vehicles that symbolize our nation's bravest men and women. Each vehicle is wrapped in a theme that reminds us of the gifts and freedoms God bestowed upon our nation and will be driven by a retired firefighter, veteran, or police officer who is volunteering their time.

The themes include our flag as a symbol of unity and blessings, our nation's powerful military, our courageous and dependable law-enforcement, the past heroes of our nation, the right to protect ourselves via the second amendment, and a truck that honors God. The tour began September 29th and will end on election day, November 3rd. There are rallies planned in 28 cities across 22 states.

To learn more about the tour, visit

The Foothills Chapter is supporting the National Tour with proceeds from our "Patriots, God, & Country" t-shirt sales. This money will help offset fuel costs for the vehicles. So, to proudly boast your patriotism and support for this movement, purchase your shirt today.


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