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Christmas Stop #3 2017

Catawba County

Tears are flowing from each of our eyes, grown men are shaking at the knee. These precious children jumped for joy for a box of food and a coat. Notice the embrace with Santa and the coat. A home where the bare minimum is a way of life. A home where Ramon Noodles is a delicacy. A child opened a bible and said, "What’s this?" We explained the love of Jesus, and she glowed with eagerness to read it with her siblings. These children—in their tattered shoes, worn shirts, and innocence to their poverty stricken situation—made us all realize our selfishness and hunger for material items. They gleamed over markers, and mom cried over a smoke alarm. This, my friends, is what sharing God’s grace is all about. The following video is worth viewing more than any other.

Video Link:

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