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Home Visits February 11, 2017

In lieu of the upcoming holiday, there is no better outreach than home visits. Today, Pink Heals Foothills Chapter had the privilege of spreading the love to four residents of the foothills region.

First Visit: With lights flashing and sirens sounding, we began the day by visiting the mother of Boyce (Hickory Fire) and Bobby Lineberger (Highway Patrol), Miss Mary who is currently battling cancer. Her spirit was an inspiration to us all, and when we say we have one another's backs, we mean it regardless of any situation or circumstance. Thank you to Newton Fire Department for joining us.

Second Visit: During this visit, we brought love and laughter to Mrs. Savanna Hawks, who is currently battling cancer, and her daughter, Stephanie Drum. Stephanie was a driving force in helping Darlene initiate the Foothills Chapter in Catawba County back in 2010. It was our honor to give back to this wonderful lady and her mother for the time and dedication she put forth in making our chapter what it is today! Thank you to Oxford Fire Department for joining us.

Third Visit: When a community rallies together, anything is possible. Our last stop brought twice the love and pleasure, and no driveway is too steep to hold us back from sharing love and hugs. During our final stop, we visited Mrs. Nancy and her sister, Mary. We were thoroughly impressed with the turnout at this location and were pleased to see the support of this family for Pink Heals. Thank you to Mountain View Fire Department for joining us.

It has been a marvelous day for Pink Heals, and we were blessed with beautiful weather to perform our duties. Yet again, today's visits allowed us to administer the mission of Pink Heals— leaving no one behind.

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