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Advance tickets are on sale now for Pink Heals Night at the Races! There are several ways in which you can purchase tickets. 

  • In-Person: You can purchase tickets directly in person for $10.00 until Friday, August 23. If you do not purchase your tickets prior to that Saturday, you will have to pay $12.50 to enter Saturday's event.

  • Granny's Country Kitchen: You can purchase tickets directly from a Granny's Country Kitchen restaurant in the local region. We have partnered with all three restaurant locations, including the restaurant located in Icard, NC. 

  • Online (Here): You can purchase tickets online until Wednesday, August 21. If you order tickets online after the cut off date, you will be reimbursed your money and will not receive tickets to the race. All online ticket sales must be finalized prior to this date. Please clearly list the names of the ticket holders before making your purchase, especially if you purchase more than one ticket. This will let us know at the gate whose tickets we are holding. Please bring your receipt of purchase, which we will send you by email once the sale has been finalized. 

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